Brief Profile Of Prophet Dr. Victor Abiodun Adesida


Prophet Abiodun Adesida is a prominent Nigerian religious leader, preacher, and educator. He is well-known for his work as a prophet and his contributions to religious education. He serves as the Provost of Ethan College of Biblical Studies, an institution focused on theological education and biblical studies, aiming to expand the influence of God’s kingdom on Earth [❞].

Prophet Adesida is also associated with the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Ibudo Ona Abayo, where he leads various religious activities and prophetic ministries. He is active in disseminating spiritual teachings and prophetic prayers through various platforms, including podcasts and YouTube, where he shares insights and prayers in both English and Yoruba [❞] [❞].

Additionally, Prophet Abiodun Adesida is involved in numerous educational and spiritual initiatives aimed at uplifting and guiding believers, making significant contributions to both the religious and academic communities in Nigeria.

Here is what I found about Prophet Abiodun Adesida ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵:-

*Prophet*: He is a prophet and a religious leader with a significant following.-

*Ministries*: He is the founder of Prophet Abiodun Adesida Ministries (PAAM), also known as CAC Ori Oke Ọna Abayọ registered with the federal government of Nigeria as an Incorporated trustee

*Education*: He has a PhD in Biblical Studies from Joy Bible College and Seminary, USA, and a PhD in Theology from Isibusizo Solwasi School of Theology, South Africa.-

*Teachings*: He is known for his teachings, prophecies, and writings. His teachings focus on spiritual growth, empowerment, and prayer.- *Location*: He is based in Iyara, Kogi State, Nigeria.-

SCHOOL OWNED: Prophet Dr Victor Abiodun Adesida is the Founder of Ethan college of Biblical Studies, Registered with the government of the federation And Also The founder of Ethan College of Health sciences and Technology, Osu, Osun State.

Prophet Dr Victor Abiodun Adesida is the center cordinator of Christ International Divinity College, Kabba Study Center as his passion for Theological Teaching has no limit.

Prophet Dr Victor Abiodun Adesida is also a lecturer at Grace Covenant bible college, Abuja.

*Contact*: He can be reached through his ministry’s email address,, or through phone numbers +2348058140045 and +2348180000253.

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