Dr Abiodun Adesida PhD

Provost, Ethan College OF Biblical Studies

ADESIDA Victor Abiodun PhD

HND ,Biochemistry, Federal Polytechnic , Bida

Bachelor in Theology at CACTS ILE IFE( Affliate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University )

Bachelor of Arts , Religious Studies , Joy Bible college and seminary, Michigan USA.

Master of Art Theology at River of Life Bible College, Botswana

Master of Arts Religious Studies( specialising in Biblical Studies) , Glory International University, Burkina faso

PhD in biblical studies at Joy bible college and seminary, USA

PhD in Theology at Isibusizo Solwasi School of Theology, RSA.





Dr Abiodun Adesida Welcome you to Ethan College of Biblical Studies.. an Online Theological School

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Dr Abiodun Adesida