Our partnership from University across the globe.

1)Profitable Word Theological University, Ghana

2) All National bible Institution &Projects South Africa

3Jiazo bible college University USA and Zambia

4) Webiston International Bible University, Zimbabwe

5) International ASSOCIATION of Biblical Education USA & India

6) Menonite Bible school South Africa

7) Isibusizo Solwazi university of Theology, South Africa

8) Association of independent colleges and Seminaries, USA

9) Epikalzo Prophetic Bible School, Western Cape

10) The Ark Theological Seminary of Nigeria, Abuja.

11) International institute of biblical studies USA.

12) Alex Richard Wagner School of Evangelism, South Africa

13) Brainae University USA

14) Christian University College, Liberia

15) Revival Bible University, Lagos Nigeria

16) Kensongwe Training Institute, Zambia.

17) FABCWA global Christian University

18) International Minister University

19) International European Accreditation Forum ISO

20) Glory International University, Burkina Faso

21) Agora International, Rwanda

22) CFPEM AND ESIM , Burkina Faso

23) Christicentric Bible Institute, Sierra Leone

24) University of International Mission institute of Benin, Republic of Benin.

25) International American Council for Research and Development

26) Dk International Research Foundation

27) Pastoral Leadership Bible Training Instituted, Benin

28) Latter Glory Bible Institute, Togo

29) Unified Theological Seminary, USA

30) Dei Institute- Online University

31) American Merit Council

32) Northwest International University Armenia

33) Kaputa University College, Zambia

34) Agora International American University, USA

35) Power Life University College, Ghana

36) Bangwelu National University, Lusaka , Zambia.

37) Arise and Shine Christian University, Zambia

38) Chartered Institute- of Educational Practitioners UK

39)HOSMI Theological Institute-

40) Harvest Mission Internationa University

41) Dei African Research CENTER

42) Dominion Impact international Bible School